Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Maher Shower

Yesterday was a wonderful day of celebrating Baby Maher that is soon to greet us.

My sisters, Kt and I transformed the house into a flower wonderland. We went to the Sydney flower markets at 5:00am and got ourselves a bargain on bundles and bundles of flowers. I just knew that I wanted to have flowers around me for the baby shower and that we did! 

I also got to use my blue gum logs that I got off Kt's Dad about a week ago and painted last week. They are for the baby's room but they came in handy yesterday to display the wonderful flowers we got. I love them so much!

I just have to say thank you to my wonderful sisters who helped me organise the shower and really stepped up on the day to make everything happen and Kt our room mate who was such a wonderful help.

We had a joint boy and girl baby shower. After all Daniel is going to be a new father and he deserves to be showered too! The boys joined us for a little while and nibbled on the afternoon treats with us and then they went down to the Killara Golf club-which is pretty much in our backyard and had a really good time playing pool, drinking and bantering the afternoon away.

Our apartment was packed to the rafters and such fun was had, I couldn't have asked for a better day. 

Again thank you everyone for all the lovely gifts and for celebrating with us yesterday we feel so blessed and loved!

Here are some photos of the apartment before everyone came to celebrate with us.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby's Room

Getting the baby's room done slowly but surely! Got a second hand drawer from the Salvo's yesterday and gave it a lick of paint. Loving it already. It's got glass on the top so I can slide cute things underneath to display. Not sure what I'll put but I'm sure the creative ideas will come.

Still ordering like crazy online just have to wait for them to get to me!

Whilst the baby's room is coming along nicely our room is a mess!



Friday, March 21, 2014

Etsy! Etsy! Etsy!

Not sure if you've heard of Esty before and if you haven't now is the time!

I love Etsy. I used them for my wedding and I'm still using them to this day for anything creative/crafty/all things good. Now with a baby on the way I'm going baby buying crazy through Etsy shops! Basically Etsy is an online shopping centre with lots of different creative people/retailers who love to make and sell their goods online. 

Whenever I need something I can't find or trendy niche products, I know I can count on Etsy to have what I'm looking for. Unlike other online retailers I find Etsy much more trendy and creative. 

Why all this promoting of Etsy you ask?? We'll I've just become an Etsy Canada affiliate! I'll now have some banners on my page which link through to cool shops. Hopefully I'll have more on offer for you in the future with Etsy but for now feel free to check them out through here!

Click away!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The mornings are getting cooler and there is a crisp note in the air at night. Oh me I'm looking forward to colder days!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Bump

So since being falling pregnant a lot of people have been asking about the "bump". I've been really reluctant to take any photos of my baby bump as I'm really self conscious about my body right now. So many changes happen to your body when you're pregnant and I've found it mentally hard to "let my body go". 

Even before I was pregnant I was never sure I wanted to take pictures of me just because I was never into that sort of thing. But I bit the bullet today and took one, I thought it was about time cause I'll be 30 weeks on Wednesday.

I'm getting more and more excited to meet the little one and find out if its a boy or girl! Now that I've started the baby room I just want that little one to be here now!

I'm gonna enjoy this time though as I know nothing will be the same after it's arrival.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ceramic Mugs by Bridget Bodenham

Last week I ordered 2 x Bridget Bodenham ceramic mugs from the stockist Otis and Otto and they arrived today!

I had a feeling they would get here today as I was mentally tracking them in my head (however that works!) and when they did I smiled in delight. I was pretty excited to have afternoon tea with my new ceramic mugs along with some Rice Crispy treats I had made - had a major pregnancy craving for them.

I've been following Bridget and her work on instagram for a little while now and just had to have one of these mugs. They are just so rustic and trendy with the shiny gold handle. Drinking from them and holding the mug feels really nice and the ceramic permeates the warmth of the tea perfectly.

For the longest time I've wanted to take a pottery class and Bridget has inspired me to look into some classes. Keep up the good work Bridget! I'm sure I'll be ordering more of your lovely work!

Gosh I love these mugs!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Video Diary of USA

Well our trip is well and truly over and life has resumed back to normal with work and everyday wonderful life. All we have now are memories and whatever photo's/footage we got to reminisce over.

Thank goodness for cameras! I love having photos to look over and footage to edit to remember our holiday of which I'm slowly developing photos to hang up.

I've put together snippets of our trip in a video diary. Please excuse the very amateur footage, every now and again I switched it to record and got what I could but it's pretty basic. Hope you enjoy!

You can watch the HD version here.

USA Trip from Bonnie Maher on Vimeo.