Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Great Ocean Road

I gotta say travelling with a baby under one years old is way under rated.

We're in the middle of attempting the Great Ocean Road and we've been loving it. Maybe it's just our Poppy girl who seems to love being out and about but I have to say if you can, try it. She's crawling now but she's still not hard to manage. She still sleeps enough for us to get a good stint of driving in before we have to stop again. Fingers crossed she keeps up the good behaviour!

We've been able to take this week because over the last 6/7 weeks Dan has been on paternity leave. He still has about 5 weeks to go. His work is wonderful and they offer paternity leave of 12 weeks to males if the spouse goes back to work full-time within the first year of the child's life. We jumped at it. I got the week off work and we just packed up the car and went. We stopped in on my sister and her family in Melb's for a few days and we've been on the road for a couple of days exploring the GOR.

Dan is loving life. I can't help but think that later on in life when I look back I'll think about this time as the time of our lives. I'm trying to savor every moment.

So far this is where we've stopped on our way and through the Great Ocean Road.

Bells Beach
Sugarloaf – where we stayed on our first night
Apollo Bay
Cape Otway Lightstation
Three Sisters*
Loch and Gorge*
London Bridge
Port Fairy*

*Highly recommend stopping at these spots

We are currently in Port Fairy nestled in for the night in this super cute cottage at Clonmara Cottages and from what I've seen of the township so far I like it! Looking forward to hitting the town tomorrow for a cafe breakfast and some exploring of their harbour.

Please enjoy some photos of parts of our journey so far. More to come when I get them off my camera!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Tangible Photos

I recently put a photo book together using a company called Artifact Uprising.

I actually found them in the usual way I find things, through Instagram. I've been following them for awhile and recently I photographed a wedding and decided that putting some of their photos in a book would be a nice way to feature some of their photos.

I just had to write a blog post about this company because they're so good at what they do. It's fun and easy putting the book together which you can do through their app or through their website. Their layouts are simple yet effective and really make your photos shine. Affordable too.

I'm currently in the process of putting a book together for Poppy's first birthday. I love taking photos but they always end up stored away on my computer. I can't wait to finish and order it so I can get it in my hands!

Do yourself a favour and scroll through all the photos you have that you would love to touch and feel and head on over to Artifact Uprising's website and make your memories into something you can share and feel with your hands.

P.S You can see more of the wedding featured in the book on my sister site,

Friday, March 27, 2015

Poster Love

I've been a bit absent in this space lately and not because I haven't been wanting to be on here.

Recently I've gone back to work and my husband has gone on paternity leave to look after our Poppy girl.

The transition has been wonderful and confusing all at the same time. Anywho, long story short I'm hoping to be present in the space a bit more in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime here is a photo to tide any of you who follow me over. It's a print of an artist named Kristina Krogh I've been following and I just love this calendar she released this year. I've also hung it with this ingenious poster hanger that uses magnets from Typo and it's cheap too!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Product Of The Day – Hello Milky Doona Cover

I saw this linen Doona cover on the internets ages ago and was actually searching for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was for babies and toddlers.

Seeing as it's coming into Autumn/winter I thought it was time to make the purchase and I'm so happy I did!

It came today and I'm so impressed. It's wonderfully made and BEAUTIFUL. Hello Milky make wonderfully simple, cute, quality, products for your home. 100% linen on one side and 100% soft cotton on the other for extra snuggly goodness. It's handmade and hand printed with non toxic ink, all from the wonderful city of Melbourne.

Thank you so much Hello Milky, Poppy is going to have many a night and cold winters day snuggling under this donna cover.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Product Of The Day - Mana' o Nani Travel Buddy Teddy

I fell in love with this toy as soon as I saw it on the internets.

Besides being terribly cute it's practical too. It has these nifty little magnets in it's paws that helps you connect it to the cot, pram, or anything else metal or skinny so you can wrap it around.

It's flat so you can easily travel with it and it's easily washed so sticky fingers or dirty grounds won't harm it for long.

Poppy loves it.

Grab your teddy here >>>>The Gathered Store

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Peace Love & Sandy Feet via Indigo Babe

This is the product of the day for me. I just love the print that was used to make this top knot.

It's made by Peace Love & Sandy Feet – (check them out via Indigo babe's website) and thank you Indigo Babe for the love in the snail mail. It's one of my favourite's.

P.S All Poppy has ever wanted to do from a very young age is stand or walk. Not roll or crawl just stand and lately walk around with us helping her by holding her arms. She's in such a rush to run around by herself! Also the doll next to her is from Pottery Barn Kids and her name is Poppy too! Thank you Amanda for the lovely gift she loves her "Poppy Doll".

Saturday, January 17, 2015

KingRaja via Indigo Babe

One of the parcels I got from Indigo Babe had the cutest outfit inside. A onesie covered in pineapples, the trendiest fruit about lately.

It's made by the label KingRaja Organics. It's 100% organic fabric and handmade with love and it's so adorable.