Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Peace Love & Sandy Feet via Indigo Babe

This is the product of the day for me. I just love the print that was used to make this top knot.

It's made by Peace Love & Sandy Feet – (check them out via Indigo babe's website) and thank you Indigo Babe for the love in the snail mail. It's one of my favourite's.

P.S All Poppy has ever wanted to do from a very young age is stand or walk. Not roll or crawl just stand and lately walk around with us helping her by holding her arms. She's in such a rush to run around by herself! Also the doll next to her is from Pottery Barn Kids and her name is Poppy too! Thank you Amanda for the lovely gift she loves her "Poppy Doll".

Saturday, January 17, 2015

KingRaja via Indigo Babe

One of the parcels I got from Indigo Babe had the cutest outfit inside. A onesie covered in pineapples, the trendiest fruit about lately.

It's made by the label KingRaja Organics. It's 100% organic fabric and handmade with love and it's so adorable.

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Babe in Indigo Babe


Bundles of pure goodness came today in the mail. Brown little packages tied up with string and you know what they say about those...?

Yep, they make you happy. Indigo Babe mailed me some cute little things for Poppy and I can't wait to get them on her.

Keep your eyes peeled here for photos and mean-while head on over to Indigo Babe and check out the shop. So many cute things to be had!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Product Of The Day

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Space is hot property in Poppy's room/our apartment. Poppy is steadily building a collection of toys and stuffed animals and its always a juggle trying to find a place to put them without looking like a mess.

So when I found this cute bear storage bag by TellKiddo sourced through The Gathered Store I had to have one.

The bags are perfect for soft toys and little bits and pieces. So far it's holding heaps and it's only half full. So glad I bought it and isn't it the cutest??!

RRP $29.95

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hong to the Kong

I'm not gonna lie. The thought of going overseas with a 6 month old baby terrified me. The plane ride, getting around a new city, what hotel to get, do we take the travel cot, what about ebola?? The list can go on forever. But anything "new" with a young baby is terrifying. With anything in life there are lots of things that can hold you back. But if you want to try anything new, risky, or adventurous you have to just give it a go. The experience might surprise you.

These are all the things that were going through my head when we got invited to a friends wedding in Hong Kong. But I just kept on telling myself we just gotta try. So I got Pop's passport ready in anticipation of going and mentally was psyching myself up for the travel. Everything was all really last minute in the end. Even in my head, right up until the night before, there was a little voice that said "maybe we should just pull out? We can always just blame it on Poppy not feeling well, right"?? I knew it was too far gone for that with the tickets and hotels booked etc. But the voice was still in my head.

Any who, we went and we had the best time. I really had so much fun and Poppy was a model baby. Literally. other mothers on the planes kept on telling me how good she was and wished their baby was sleeping or playing quietly like Poppy. I couldn't have been prouder. She went around with us like a little trooper. Just taking in all the sights and drifting off to sleep when she wanted in her pram. Staying up late with us and flirting with everyone around her with cheeky smiles.

Hong Kong also surprised me. It really was nothing like I had imagined it would be. For one it was way more western then I gave it credit for. I could have been walking in parts of New York for all I knew. And getting around with a pram and baby, contrary to all the reviews I had read, was so super easy – like so easy. We used the subway everyday and their subway put ours to shame I'm afraid to say.

Taxi's are great but be forewarned if you do travel to HK, they don't have baby seats in any taxi and they're wild drivers. Thats when you put on your care-free parenting cap and laugh it off. Your child will be sitting in your lap strapped in with you and the taxi will be going 130kph down the freeway whilst you try and tell yourself everything is going to be ok. This was our first experience in HK. Driving down the freeway on our way to the hotel I did fear for my life and scolded myself for not listening to the voice in my head to not go. I had to shake it off and tell my self "when in Rome". When driving down the freeway I was so scared but then we drove past another taxi with a family in the back, baby strapped on Daddy's lap. We both gave each other a terrified half smile (which said I know how you're feeling) and suddenly it was all much better. This is just how things roll in HK.

If there is anything I can recommend from our travelling experience in Hong Kong is don't let having a small baby or kids stop you from travelling. Your kids/baby will love it and you just have to take the punches as they come and you'll both learn from it.

Thanks so much Richard and Janice for inviting us to your beautiful wedding. We might not have had the chance to travel in the first year of Poppy's life (even though we had intentions to) but your wedding made it possible.

Here are some photos from our experience In Hong Kong.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

6 Months - Happy Half Birthday Poppy Girl

Our last official milestone, 6 months. Of course there are many still to come but when breastfeeding was just starting and not going very well, in the baby fog, life has changed so much I don't even know what to do with myself - 6 months was the goal.

And here we are. There are too many things to write about on what the last 6 months has been like for us as a family but the main thing I want to say is, we love her so.

It's hard to explain what I feel for Poppy. In one moment I love her so much I can't take my eyes off her and in the next all I want her to do is go to bed so I can have some "me time" and for her to stop crying/whinging. Then as soon as I put her down and she nods off I want her to wake up again because I miss her. So I sneak in her room and watch her sleep, then regret sneaking in because I've woken her up and now she wants to play and "me time" is over. 

It's a kind of love that you literally can't explain and has so many facets to it if you did want to explain you wouldn't know where to start.

Any-who, here's to the next 6 months Poppy, we love you so. I hope the needles you had today treat you well and you sleep like an angel today in celebration of you having a half birthday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fiddle dee dee

A few years back Dan gave me the best Valentines day gift so far. A fiddled leaf fig. (Ficus Lyrata)

He knew that I had been wanting one for awhile and rather than flowers got me the ficus and I loved him for it.

He got my good sized one for $60.00. Now the price of them has sky rocketed! You can pay hundreds for a good sized one.

So I decided to see if I could get some cuttings from the one Dan gave me. It was in need of a prune but I couldn't just cut away the precious branches! 

Anyway, I wasn't confidant doing it myself so I called in Dan's Dad who's a horticulturist to help me out. He air layered the ficus and it worked a treat.

2 months later and my ficus had babies!

Here's a website that can help you out if you'd like to make some cutting from your plants.

Air layering

Now to keep them alive.