Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creative storage

So Poppy has a small room. You literally have to walk through our room to get to hers. It's an older style apartment and it has a couple of these sunroom type spaces and one is off our room.

It's the perfect nursery. It means that we can co-sleep without having her right in our room, we can still close the door if we need to! It also means that she gets her own space without taking up a spare room.

But it's small. As she grows we're getting things for her here and there which means we need more storage space. I don't want to clutter her room with more furniture but I need more storage!

When we moved and set Dan up with an office at home we went to Ikea and got a shelving unit and along with it Ikea also had these great little boxes that you can make up for storage and I thought they would be a perfect solution for Poppy's room and only $1.99 each!

BUT they're a bit plain so I made them a bit more appealing by painting them with triangles, white for now but you can easily painting over it later with something more colourful.

I really love these boxes because if you tire of them you can easily recycle them because they're cardboard! Cheap storage that you can change when your style changes or when your space grows. 

I've been trying to figure out how to arrange them as I'm loving them in every corner! You can put them anywhere!

When Poppy gets older she can be as rough with them as she wants and maybe she can paint new ones when these wear out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Gray Girls

I am loving this new business called The Gray Girls.

As an op-shopper from my childhood and beyond they tug at my heart strings for all things vintage and cheap.

Today I got my dress I ordered from their "California Finds" and I'm so chuffed about it. I love everything about the dress and the loving care they've put into their branding. The simple stamp and tag, oh so lovely!

I also recently won something from them! I know right?? I won! It's an Akubra hat and I can't wait to wear the combo together!

Please check them out and be amazed by them.  Gray Girls, I can see you will go big. 

From an avid follower and fellow lover of all things vintage "THANK YOU!"

Photo Cred Alex Carlyle

Monday, July 7, 2014

6 Weeks

Poppies for my Poppy. She's 6 weeks exactly today and she had her vaccinations. :( So flowers are in order to cheer her up.

Its been a wild ride so far but each day gets better and better. You conquer some things and challenge new things each day. It all goes by so quickly which is something you hear all the time but it's true.

Life changes so quickly when you have a baby but in the scheme of life it's really such a short time and then it's your normal. And in no time they're grown up!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Poppy Jane Maher

We welcomed our little baby girl into the world on May 26, 2014. Approx 8:57pm by Caesarean section.

She wasn't a little baby actually, she was 4.06 kilos (8.93 pounds), 52cm with a head circumference of 36cm. Even though it was a c-section, because she was stuck they still had to use forceps to get her out!

I won't get into all the nitty gritty details of the birth but let me just say it was hard hard hard.

This having a baby thing is so overwhelming! I don't know if it's the hardest thing I'll ever do(after all I'm only 5 days in) and I don't want to discount all the other hard things people do in this world. Having a baby is not for everyone but it's the most helpless and out of control I've ever felt. They say it gets better and I have like a million hormones going through my body right now telling me to break down. Not being able to control my body in labour and now being at the beck and call of my milk coming through which is taking forever. I have no idea what she needs most of the time and always feel like I'll break her. Jeez the list goes on!

On top of all that I can say is she's perfect and I love her more and more as each minute goes by. 

My love for Daniel has also grown to a level I never thought possible. He has been my rock. Every time I doubt myself he encourages me so much. He's been attending my every need and then some, and Poppy is already his little girl. I could not have done this without him and I'm in awe of how lucky I am that God gave me this man to do this with.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Woolf & Cotton Birthday Love

Thanks to my wonderful sister who thought of this gift for my birthday and the creative Libby from Woolf & Cotton who makes them, I now have a stitched portrait of our wonderful little family.

The little one is yet to arrive but I'm sure it will look just like the portrait. :)

I have yet to find a final resting place for it but there is plenty of time for that. Here's the cross stitch chilling out in the baby's room being lovely.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Larsson & Jennings Birthday Love

My birthday has come early this year. Thanks to my wonderful husband I just got a new Larsson & Jennings watch. It's a few days early only because it came in the mail and I knew what it was and couldn't wait to wear it!

I've been on the look out for a good watch for a long time. One that I like the look of but is accurate. When I came across this beauty I just knew it was the one for me. High quality and simple. You can order different bands direct from their site and it's easy to change yourself. Great for when you want to change up your look.

I'll be turning 30 soon and I thought a watch is a fitting gift as it is a milestone age in ones timeline. 

One of the things I like most about this watch is the accuracy in which you can tell the time. The minute hand is long and almost reaches the dashes indicating the exact minutes. Being Swiss made you know it's going to be precise too.

I would highly recommend this swatch to both female and males alike in terms of style and if you like simplicity and functionality like me this is perfect.

Please ignore my awkward arm posing. I'm not much of a model. I'm used to being behind the camera!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Brown Velvety Felt Hat

I once had a straw hat that I bought from an Op-shop with my sister. I went to the beach and it flew off my head into the ocean. I never saw it again and I miss it.

Since then I have found other hats to wear to the beach but I felt it was time to invest in a hat not just for the beach but something good for winter too.

Since moving to Sydney I've found that the op-shops locally don't have as many treasures/are harder to find due to the fact that there are more people searching than there was on the central coast. 

So I turned to my trusty friend Etsy. I looked and favorited a few and um'ed and ar'd about a couple until I finally decided on the one I've featured below. I found it at a shop called Bat City Vintage. The hat came in really good condition and was boxed very nicely so as not to be damaged in transit to me. Was very impressed.

Let me just say it's not easy taking "selfies" of yourself with a giant lensed digital SLR camera. So sorry if they look too close or are framed a little weirdly. I did manage to get a couple where I didn't cut off parts of my head or the hat.